Disinfection Cabinet

  • Model:
  • Product Name:
  • Water Tank:
  • Waste Tank:
  • Color :
  • Material:
  • Usage Areas:
  • Size:
  • Dz-102
  • Disinfection Cabinet
  • 100lt
  • No
  • White
  • Pvc - Acrylic
  • Open & Close Areas
  • 90 cm x 150 cm x 215 cm

Disinfection cabinet

Minimize diseases with our disinfecting cabinet model, which will provide an important precaution in virus epidemics that can become a pandemic today.

In our daily life, we see that the methods of spread of epidemics are mostly by contact. Viruses, which can survive in their places for a long time without a live carrier, can easily be transported to other hosts on the carrier they find.

Our disinfecting booth , which applies the disinfectant mixture that does not harm human health at the right rate and in sufficient time, on the person passing through the passage with its steaming system, live microbes on clothes and shoes does not leave.